Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

update on the morning, not positive

I did not have a good morning.

Nose doctor found nothing wrong with my nose but says we can still do turbinate surgery "if you want to." I elected to. I don't want to have to make this decision again later.

I was sent for a sinus X-ray. The lady who took care of the registration process was going to take a verbal consent, but I told her I could sing. "Oh, can you see enough to sign?" she said.

"No, but I can sign." She was going to guide my hand... (What, through every letter of my name???) I finally convinced her to set up a straight edge for me, and amazingly, she didn't ooh and aah when I called her on the fact that the pen wasn't writing.

The X-ray lady kept kissing and directing my dog. I had to ask her three times to please talk to me and not the dog. Then she insisted that I take her arm "because we're going out in the hall now." (What difference is going out in the hall?" She walked at a snail's pace.

Outside, waiting for transit, a man said to me in a tone reserved for three-year-olds, "Excuse me, sweetie, we need to get by." I live in a part of the country where people call each other "hon." But a man should not call me sweetie, and I am not a child!

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