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lots of good news

The day is ending on a better note.

My paperwork is all in at the seminary and has been sent to committee. Time to hurry up and wait.

JAWS 7 is in my hot little hands. Cakewalk arrived yesterday, so now I can assemble the inner workings of the new CD production machine.

The scanner is on its way back to me--for double the cost of a commercial book edge scanner with Fine Reader, but it's all right. I'll hopefully have a unit that will last a VERY long time. They replaced the internal board, serviced the machine, and I can't remember what else. If this is any indication of what needs to happen to the second machine, wow! I'm glad it can be done. I will likely donate it to the university so that other students can use it. It would probably come in handy for LD students as well, and there is currently absolutely nothing on campus in the way of adaptive technology. We'll see about this in a few weeks once I have an opportunity to meet with the DSS lady. I did find out that the machine apparently was damaged in shipping and was insured. So perhaps some funding for repairs will be forthcoming.

Eucalyptus seems to be having a nice effect on my nose, at least for starters. I got a voicemail from my internist's office asking me to call back tomorrow. I'm not sure what this is about, and I'm sort of dreading making the call. But there's no sense worrying about it tonight. I'll enjoy setting up the computer--and when all this trophy business is settled, I'm makin' a pan o' brownies!


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