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madly amusing day

Something really good must be about to happen... I think since yesterday started out on a rather annoying note and ended on a superb one, then today must be heading for a truly smashing ending.

I awoke at 5:30 and couldn't sleep so decided that my computer was due for a bit of maintenance. (Never do maintenance at 5:30 a.m.) I planned to do a disk defrag/cleanup, but first I thought I would fix a little problem that had recently cropped up. Somehow, my computer had gotten set to bring up Windows logon when booting up. I don't like Windows logon. So I went to disable it. Windows asked if I wanted a particular user logged on automatically. No problem. I put my user profile in. But it wants a password. I haven't had a password on my user profile, ever. Well, perhaps it's a good idea to creat one.

So begins the problematic day.

JAWS doesn't like the Windows logon screen. This is the reason I had decided to disable it in the first place. But now I have to log on with the new password. No problem--or so I think... Just a minor annoyance.


I couldn't get the username selected. I spent TWO HOURS fiddling with it! Every time I thought I had it figured out, Windows said, "Did you forget your password?" NO! I DID NOT! GRRR!

Um, well, yes, I did... Actually, I had created a slightly different password than I thought I had created... The thought finally occurred to me: What if you typed the numbers this way instead of that way? Things sometimes happen that way when you have similar passwords... So I typed in the potential mistake, and... Voila! Windows!

On to the rest of the day...

The internist's message was no big deal. She thought that she might be able to call in something for me, but she decided that I should keep the appointment. So I'll be updating later on that front.

Working on some food with Alexis a little while ago, I opened the upper cabinet to retrieve a Tupperware container for storage. I was assailed repeatedly by flying items from the cabinet, all landing on my head. It does not pay to lack height in the kitchen.

It is time for me to master a route to the bank. Today's trip to the internist found me with no fundage for transportation. Fortunately, Mom had a lunch break. However, borrowing from Mom is not an option I prefer to use--and Mom may not always have a lunch break.

To be continued...


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