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med update

I'm home from the doctor.

She asked how I was doing and said, "You sound congested." I said, "Yes, I know. I feel congested, but he says I'm cleaned out. It's all down here." [points to throat] She asked what I had tried doing for it and how long it had been going on. I made a connection between the worsening congestion and the increase in my seizures lately. She was alarmed by this. She asked about my allergies. I said that I know that I have allergies, but there is nothing new or altered to bring this on. We talked about the cats and the fact that I am sick with or without them and that this seems to be something on top of the animal allergy. She suggested trying Singulair to reduce mucus production. This is fine with me--I've taken it before. I asked if I would have additional relief if I took an . She said it was worth a try. So I'm home with samples,. We talked about whether or not to raise my Topamax, and there were pros and cons both ways. I decided to wait until I've adjusted to the new meds and perhaps had some relief with the congestion. That will give me a chance to determine whether the improvement in seizures is due to improvement in congestion or adjustment of Topamax dosage.

On the way out, she saw my X-ray from yesterday and told me that it says "chronic mild sinusitis." She's going to check with Dr. M. to see whether anything should be done to treat this. He never mentioned this to me. (Why not?)

We also discussed the surgery and the fact that his words yesterday were, "We can do that if you want to." It seems that if the surgery was as necessary as he thought it was in June, he would have been more adamant about it. Part of me wonders if he left it up to me because he knew that I was hesitant; but I need a bit more guidance than that. I got the feeling he didn't remember that we had talked about it: he didn't even bring it up, and his response was very nonchalant when I brought it up. Dr. H. thought that it would be beneficial for me to wait and see how my nose responds to the allergy treatment and reschedule the surgery if necessary. If Dr. M. thinks I'm cleaning my sinuses out ok, then that's probably sound advice. I con't know where the congestion is, but it's obviously somewhere that he can't see; and maybe it will take the extra meds to get at it. I hope they help! I can't keep pouring Robitussin down me like it's my favorite thing to sip on every four hours! (That's sarcastic, but it's how I've felt.)

No major mishaps or men calling me sweetie this time. I'm glad. I've decided that I will buy stock in Walgreen's or Physor. I'll just get richer as I get sicker! Then perhaps I can earn my living by keeping myself healthy! Isn't that creative?


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