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It's here!

Alexis handed me two big envelopes. One was from Dancing Dots. I knew it was my back-up CD of Cakewalk. "Is this other one from Dancing Dots, too?"

"No, that's from AU."

"AU!" I went running down the hall, grateful for my recently repaired scanner, tearing open the envelope... A big packet from AU could only mean one thing...

Yours truly will be a student in September!

I have lots of upcoming appointments, and my schedule makes my head feel very jumbled. It's not at all predictable, and I wish I had a good reminder system. I've been on the phone checking for schedule conflicts this afternoon and already had to reschedule one appointment due to the three-day mandatory new student orientation (August 23, 24, and 25. That yanks about $12 out of my budget, assuming that the location is within city limits. Yikes! I'm going to seriously need to come up with some colution for getting oriented to campus since I have no VR support...

Everything will get figured out somehow... It's going along so far...

Tonight we're eating out, and I'm bringing home something for post-surgery chowing tomorrow. No "here, taxi taxi taxi" voice posts, though. "Taxi" will be Mom tonight.

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