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update on the to-do list

How am I doing on that to-do list...?

  • Breakfast/meds/coffee/meals in general are getting done on time.

  • Laundry is still piling up. Not good.

  • Church/Bible study notes are not typed out--see below.

  • Wrote a chapter today. Perhaps more soon. That is a major accomplishment considering my general mood about this project lately.

  • I am not doing well in the validation department. Not good.

Why the poor progress? I actually haven't been completely lazy.

I got caught up in an obsessive search for a tape recording that apparently went missing after my last move. For the last 13 years my recordings have been one of the few organized things in my life, and when one of them gets out of place I don't like it. This one was not just any old recording. It was a recording of my family singing hymns together just weeks before my grandmother died. Not the kind of thing I'd like to lose. So the world stopped for a day or two...

I found it in the bottom of a box of unsorted tapes in my closet. Now it's sitting in the to-be-transferred-to-digital pile--along with most of my other old family recordings. This is a project I've been putting off for too long. I think I will set up the laptop in the other room (perhaps) and type out notes while I transfer... For some reason my computers have stopped communicating with each other, and I'm too tired/scatterbrained to figure out why. Maybe another day...

My house needs a very good clean. Maybe that will be a good project for Saturday while C is here... Right now I'd just like some really good sleep.


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