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Strange coincidence... My undergrad acceptance letter for AU arrived on February 3, 1990. I don't make much of things like this, but I do find it interesting.

I'm so glad the heat has broken, at least for a little while! Between that and the fact that I can sit here and read a book (my normal routine) and write in my journal, I'm feeling a lot better emotionally than I have in quite a while! It feels very silly to write that, but feeling silly doesn't make it less true. I need routines. There! I admitted it!

J and C happened to stop by earlier... I was just coming in from a walk with Meghan--more on that below. I invited them in to chat for a few minutes. J commented about how hot it is up here. The comment was strangely validating to me. Normally, my little window units do a decent job of keepint it cool up here; but they just don't do it when it's 90+ degrees outside--or even when the heat has just broken. It's only now starting to cool down; and I hope it stays cool long enough that I can recover some strength.

Alexis and I hired a couple of girls to help with some orientation around the community. This should be an interesting experiment. The girls are here as part of an exchange program from Russia. They are in their early 20s, and their English is very good. They're learning easily enough about how to orient us, and in time they will learn about the things we don't need help with. Today we split up, and I went down to the 700 block of 8th Street to pick up my watch from the jeweler's where it has been in for repair. I learned a lot along the way--I had never walked down that far. It also occurred to me that if I just walked down a few more blocks, turned left, and walked three more blocks, I would be on the AU campus! I walked the trip to the jeweler's and back and was not excessively tired; and I started to think that perhaps walking to AU might be a viable option, especially if I would spend that long getting a bus, waiting on another bus downtown, riding that bus, and getting to my classroom building anyway. Why not let Meg get the work in and me get the exercise if the weather is nice?

This evening, I talked it over with Dad. He's not sure the heat would make it a viable option, but he said he's willing to try it. That's all I wanted. I figure I can make the choice about whether to bus or walk it if I have to leave at the same time; and I expect that I would need to leave at the same time because of the way our bus system works. Neither option is very pleasant, but that's life as most blind people know it. It's life as most of my big city friends know it, too; and I don't hear them complaining. It's about time for me to wake up, make a cup of coffee, and get moving with life!

J and C were here when I got home. It was great to see them. C is getting taller almost by the week! She may be back next week... I hope so. I've missed her. I gave them the news about my school admission. I don't know how C will take this when she realizes what it means for my daily life. On the other hand, when she knows what I'm doing, she's one of the biggest supporters I have, even if she doesn't understand it all. She was as excited as her mom was about the big news!

I feel a bit like I have an entirely new house with the new computer, newly fixed scanner, etc. After all this Christmas in July, it's time for a clean slate, so to speak. I have a gazillion things I want/need to do, and my mind is racing with them all. Perhaps soon I can sit down and organize my thoughts as well as some of this paperwork around here! I had started making very good headway on that before the scanner fiasco... Maybe I'll get it all done in the next 12 years! (Hopefully the next 12 weeks!) For now I should organize my sleep!


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