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busy to-do list post

Welcome, new friends... And to everyone else this is just a quick check-in.

Count-down to school is beginning. Lots to do.

  • Meeting with associate pastor this afternoon.

  • Therapy tomorrow

  • Advisor okayed my schedule after a bit of back-and-forth about a couple of potential hang-ups that really don't have a good solution, so we will just deal with the situation that is less-than-ideal.

  • Must fill out forms to request loan money.

  • Need to enroll in classes and arrange for access to library resources online.

  • Must contact profs once enrolled and get whatever info I can in advance.

  • Still in a quandary re scanner, so Alexis will be going bananas unless i win a scanner on Ebay.

  • Working on putting some info in braille re seminary and other things so that I can refer to it when necessary

  • CD work

  • Doing some reading and journaling for personal growth and small group preparation.

  • Need to finish some grant and scholarship searches, organize info, plan for filling out apps at appropriate times, and actually fill out some that are due soon.

  • Two appointments next week.

  • Orientation is 08/23-08/25

  • School starts 08/28

Superbly long philosophical entry will be posted later, when I have time. It's mostly written but needs editing.

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