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Inca's gift

Inca is not an in-your-face kind of cat. She likes to be petted on her terms, and she NEVER sits in anyone's lap.

She just gave me a present.

I went into the other room to start up the morning's audiotape-to-computer file transfer. She was lying on her chair. I went over to give her ears a scratch--something she likes. She got up and walked off--her sign that she's not in the mood. I figured Inca time was out of the question.

But instead of walking off, she came over and started rubbing on my legs. Generally this is my cue to kneel down in front of the couch, which is her cue to jump on the couch, which is my cue to circle my arms around her so she can snuggle up and butt her head up under my chin. She didn't take the cue from me. So I tried sitting up on the couch to see if she would jump up beside me.

She did--and padded up on my lap, let me pick her up and settle her, kept turning and rubbing her head up on my shoulders, burying herself up in my sweatshirt, purring very loudly... When she finished all that, she settled down beside me and kept butting her head up under my hand.

I think she likes my family's singing.


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