Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

progress with the scanner and thoughts about Meghan

Rambling before bed...

I'm working from memory, so this is not an exact transcription. I spent quite a bit of time trying to make the new scanner work and finally got it to communicate with the computer. I had the power off and didn't know it. Tomorrow I'll be spending some time trying to learn to actually use the thing.

It occurred to me today that by the time that I finish my M.Div. program, Meghan could be 11 years old. Many dogs don't work that long; and there is a strong possibility that she will not work all the way through the program with me. She was lagging by the end of our walk today... We walked to campus, walked around on campus, and then walked home all in one trip. That's not really like what we'll be doing every day, but this is similar to behavior I noticed in Elli near the time of retirement, and it made me realize that Meg is getting older.

I thought about taking her to the vet and having her thyroid checked--she's had trouble keeping weight off in the past, and her thyroid levels were at the low end of normal. I wondered if some meds might help her keep up a bit more energy and work a little longer.

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