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web site and nose rambling

The new scanner is rather a dream! I scanned two books yesterday, about 600 pages total. I never thought that I might like computerized scanning... There are some aspects I like a whole lot--and a few that I don't. The primary advantage is the tremendous speed--and if I was on a newer computer, I might get even better speed (if my fingers were fast enough at flipping pages).

A while ago, I signed up for a number of programs to use my web site to earn some money. Recently, I discovered that changed some things about their coding, and my product links are not working. So I need to go in and change literally hundreds of links on my site in order to get the money-earning potential back. I also found out that they were still trying to send my checks to Florida! Seems SOMEONE forgot to update her address... We won't say who or discuss her absent-mindedness or what that may have cost her... In short, I hope to fix this little problem in time for money to be rolling in by October, and perhaps I'll have some earnings for the fourth quarter.

I also signed up for Google Ad Sense. I've ignored it for a long time, assuming it wasn't generating much revenue for me. Well, I was wrong. It occurred to me to check on the account. The short version of the story is that there were two things I had not done to enable my payments to be sent to me, and my earnings have been acruing all this time. Google owes me $264.01! So I went and added more search boxes and add bars... If you use Google a lot, please go to and search your heart out. (Hint: you can also search this journal and my other journal.)

Post-surgery follow-up no. 1 is this morning at 8:30. I anticipate a generally good report. I'd like a bit of improvement in terms of congestion. I learned yesterday that Medicaid will not pay for Claritin. I'm tempted to ask how much it is and try to pay for it myself; but I really can't afford to pay for another medication without better income. So I may have to ramp up the anti-congestion strategies a bit and see what I can do without it... Medicaid will pay for other antihistamines, but they affect me adversely. I'll leave this alone for now and see what happens at the follow-up this morning with the cleaning. This afternoon I'll clean house like a maniac, de-allergy the kitties, etc. We'll see how all that helps. Generally, I don't de-allergy the cats for myself, but perhaps it will make a difference.


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