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Inca is sick

Inca is going to the vet. My life really is a soap opera...

She's been crying for the last day or so. I chocked it up to her occasional clinginess, pending changes with my starting seminary that she somehow gets intuitive about... This morning she was crying and settled down when I went to her chair and petted her. When I left for my nose appointment and shut the door at the front stairs, I heard her jump off her chair and run to the door. It broke my heart, but I thought I was just being overly silly.

This afternoon, she started vomiting. I was heading down to take a comfy nap with her, and she kept crying. I thought that maybe she was just being snippy because everything wasn't just so on the bed. I rearranged the pillows and the big stuffed Labrador retriever so that she had "her spot." She stopped crying and settled down. But a few minutes into my nap, I heard that sound--and it was on my bed. So much for a nice nap... C said it was orangeish-yellow in color. I thought that perhaps it was bile, and the vet agreed. So I put my comforter in the washer and tried feeding a bit of food. Inca was not really interested, and I noticed she was warm and had a lot of interest in being near Meghan.

She went to her chair, and I thought I'd watch her and try hand-feeding for a while and take her to the vet if it keeps up.

"Sarah, Inca threw up again."

No more hand-feeding. She is in the carrier, and the appointment is in three hours. I opened the door, but she isn't interested in coming out. She's sleeping...

I've had a cat who lived to be 19; but other than that, Inca is the oldest cat I've ever had. She was in such good health in April that the vet said he would have estimated her to be about two years old. But secretly I wonder when the end begins and what it looks like. Is this what will happen to my kitty bitty, or is she just a little sick? I've never seen her like this. I have money in the bank, but it does have limits... I've spent most of it fixing all my technology that's been breaking... But I wanted my Inca to have the chance to be around a good long time, especially because she was doing so well. I know I'm probably overreacting and this is probably just some little illness, but I'm not at all used to having sick kitties.


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