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update on the day

Routes on campus went fine once I took a little break and had some discussions with the person who was assisting me to devise a strategy. Meg did a super job of remembering where things were, and I didn't do so badly either. I also learned that they have Starbucks coffee on campus. (It will be my weakness!),/p>

I caught the bus home, though I almost gave up and thought the bus had passed me again. There is actually a sign at this stop, and that probably made a difference. The driver was extremely helpful and introduced me to the regular 9th Street driver. I ended up taking a different bus after the transfer because getting off at 9th would have added about 30 or 40 minutes of riding time to my trip, and I'm just not interested in cutting my study time that much every day. But I was able to tell the 9th Street driver that I would be an occasional rider, and hopefully that will encourage her to stop for me in the future. There is no sign on 9th Street--or on most other streets. They can stop at any corner, so I suppose there is a lot of room for assumptions.

I ended up getting off at 11th and walking home. I don't really like walking home from there, but I'll get used to it. I've just never been down there, and it doesn't look familiar to me. I was in a lot of pain, and pain and unfamiliar territory don't mix well.

I dropped about $60 on books for one class at this morning. I was hoping to grab them from the library and scan them; but no such luck. They're either not available, or someone has them checked out--until December! I haven't figured out how that's even possible! So away my money goes... And I still have one class to check...

Inca is better, eating normally and everything. I'm glad that little crisis is past. Now I can move on to a normal crisis, like time management.


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