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crunch time and my reluctant life as a drama queen

I'm going to retitle my journal, "my reluctant life as a drama queen" or something like that.

When I was a teenager, there was a popular show on called The Facts of Life. The theme song is running through my head: "You take the good, you take the bad. You take them both and there you have the facts of life..." I guess I'm getting a good dose of the facts of life as never before.

I wrote in my offline journal that one thing I'm afraid of is not having time for reflective writing... However, I need that time for a lot of reasons... Well, of course, those facts of life are ramping it up to steal my reflecting time. It's almost like little ghosties are eavesdropping and getting in where my deepest struggles are just to have fun with me...

Meg is sick. A few of you know that I suspect that she may have hypothyroidism. She went through a round of testing last year because of sudden excessive weight gain without a change in appetite. Her free TSH level was 12--normal begins at 8. So nothing was ever done. But symptoms of low thyroid include lack of energy (which is Meg all over lately) and chronic ear infections, which she has battled for much of her life. I talked with someone at the school, and he asked how much she sleeps. "Oh, all the time, and I have to yank on her to wake her up." I always thought this was just Meg, but it's rather strange that when we're working and she's fallen asleep I can't say her name and have her ears perk up. We made a vet appointment for tomorrow.

Just in time for the appointment, she began puking up tan stuff. She has an appetite and is moderately perky, but I cannot work a sick dog to orientation on Wednesday, and I do need to sleep.

My day tomorrow has become very full, assuming I keep all the plans. Sick dog could foil some of the plans.

  • Appointment in the morning

  • Trip to the bank and the drugstore at 1:00

  • Meg's appointment at 3:10

  • practice trip to campus in the evening

If Meg is really sick, the practice trip will wait and I will be busing it until further notice. However, this adds A LOT of time onto my day. We found a new route that can be walked in 30 minutes and doesn't require memorizing oodles of service driveways, and that is a real winner! If whatever is causing Meg to conk out can be treated so that she can enjoy herself a bit, it would be a nice walk on nice days; and we both could use the exercise.

I got the results from my cholesterol testing back. It's slightly elevated; and I'll probably get the let's-get-it-down routine. But slightly elevated is not too bad considering the factors: I have not been good about the supplements that I can take or my dietary restrictions; I have a genetic predisposition to extremely high cholesterol which was found because it was up to 290; and I can't take statins due to severe reactions. So I'm not worried about where it is now--actually I'm relieved and this is just a reminder to be a little more dilligent than I have been because what I did in the past obviously was working nicely.

I bought a computer back pack. All I can say is wow!

I have a bunch of books to scan, and I need to take care of financial aid stuff. I have more laundry to do and still need to finish cleaning my room. Crunch time is upon me.


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