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morning update

A quick update... I'm running out of reflective time.

Meg was a bit perkier yesterday... I've figured out at least one porgion of the problem, perhaps. When the Seeing Eye trainer was out here, he brought a Martingale collar for me to try to see if it would give me better awareness of her head. I think she hates it with a passion. I went back to her old choke collar last night on the off chance that the Martingale was uncomfortable for her. She worked with much more enthusiasm. So we'll try that for a little while and then try the Martingale again and see if I see the behavior change again. She really doesn't need a lot of correction/intimidation, so the Martingale really may be too much control for her and may be intimidating her into an almost full stop (my estimate).

We only worked one way last night. I was doing a trial run with my backpack on, so I had added weight... I don't think I could do both ways back-to-back carrying the extra weight, all joking about how I used to carry that much extra weight naturally aside. I probably could not have walked that route at my previous weight! ... Dad picked us up and drove us home, and when we got home Meg and Inca played for about five minutes. It was very good to see them playing together after they've both had such rough days! I'm glad to see them both on the mend!

Meg went in yesterday for her testing. He did a total body function test, which is the same thing that was done in March 2005. It includes a test of her free T4 level, and if that's not showing as abnormal then he will do some additional testing. He could see taht she was "extremely laid back" in the office: she just stood there and let them do stuff to her. This is fairly normal behavior for her. It is extremely difficult to rough Meghan up, get her angry, etc. Even another dog can't really do it, although she will occasionally run and play. But more often than not, she's not interested, especially in the last few months. It was shocking to me a few months ago when I took her to some friends' house and let her off harness with their retrievers who were 1 and 9 and the other dogs romped all around the room and Meg just lay on the floor with a bone with no interest in the romp. Hope was her Leader dog puppy buddy from church... They saw each other weekly, and it was always hard to keep them from each other, so I would have expected Meg to go bananas at the play opportunity--and in the past she would have!

The big orientation begins today. I hopped out of bed bright and early. I sacrificed a bit of sleep in order to clean out my CPAP equipment, which I hadn't done in a week or so. I think it was a good call: I slept like a baby! Maybe these active days will actually help me sleep better at night and have more energy in the morning. We'll see.

Hopefully I won't be too tired to check in while scanning this evening. Scanning is something that must be done, and I've discovered that writing while scanning may help me improve my typing speed where no other exercises have worked in the past. There is something about just needing to finish a thought before flipping that page and knowing that scanner is going to go off in five seconds...

See ya...


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