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Thanksgiving list

Things I'm thankful for:

  • Growth in my relationship with God

  • Rebuilt friendships with mintjulepprncs, corrieco, morningdove2, Erin, and Terri

  • Inca and her precious sensitivity to my need for her rare closeness at times

  • Sierra's alertness to my physical/emotional state and faithful presence beside me while I rest

  • Sable's playfulness and rare snuggles

  • Meghan's good work and health

  • faylen's supportive comments of me as a singer

  • kl1964, aglarendis, corrieco, and hurricaneamy's support and critiques on the CD project

  • C, for all her hugs and for sharing her joy

  • J's trust in me as a child care provider

  • turtlechelle for inspiring me to do this

  • new friends like awallens and read2781

  • Topamax

  • Long-lasting equipment

  • Improvements in my health

Things I hope for in the next year:

  • Continued growth in my relationship with God

  • Continued improvements in my health

  • To get my business set up

  • Completion of the CD project and at least two projects

  • A chance to see friends whose relationships have been renewed and to meet some of my LJ friends

  • Renewal of additional friendships

  • Continued longevity and functionality for my equipment

  • God to answer my prayer for a family


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