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But it didn't feel too heavy...

Well, there is a little snafu with the idea of taking my laptop to class... I was given no lifting restrictions after my last nose surgery, but ofbiously I should have been. My nose bled yesterday in someone's office. I had been feeling out of sorts since Monday night and had a hunch that maybe I should not blow for a little while. Someday I will learn that my hunches are right for me, even though they're not anything that anyone else could write a paper on. (Incidentally, we talked about this in one of my classes yesterday.) I was very embarrassed about the bleed and upset about the implications of not being able to blow my nose: stuff backs up in my throat and I have asthma attacks.

I do know why it bled. Hefting around 13-18 pounds (laptop plus contents of my purse plus notes material plus mid-day meds plus whatever else depending on whether I have library books to return) all day probably wasn't the doctor's idea of post-surgery activity...

So next week I will be back to good old-fashioned braille note-taking. I'm glad I have the skill... This should take a few pounds out of the bag--I'm not really sure how much the laptop weighs, and that's something I'll be learning this evening. It will just sort of cramp my style a bit... I have a rolling bag that I may try using, but I'm not sure if it will hold the extra junk that needs to go with me. We'll find out.

Needless to say, I could be happier with my nose right now. I'm trying to view this as a minor setback. Right now, it just feels like my life as the reluctant drama queen continues... There are other things that are more important (in my mind) than the nose bleed that have been happening. Then again, maybe the nose bleed matters, too. Maybe it all matters, and that's part of the general lesson that God is trying to teach me. I still have this burning desire to just fly through life and have a bit of an easy road for a little while; and the reality is that when I do that, I am not paying attention to the things that matter. So I've been given these bumps in the road because things like how much I'm holding on my back three weeks after my nose surgery do matter, even when the doctor didn't say so.

There is more. I'll write it on sjbtheology because it's a lot more detailed in terms of the school/spiritual connection. For now, I need to pay attention and have a shower and breakfast and get laundry in. For Kate, this is the chor that never ends (sung to the tune of the song that never ends)...


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