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I've survived my first week of school. All but one of my books are scanned. I've figured out how to work the library databases and even get PDF copies of articles and convert them to RTF so I can read them. Not bad progress...

My nose doctor's nurse thinks that my backpack weight is not the cause of my nose bleeds since they are minor and stopping. Based on my descriptions, she suspects that I have scabs that are coming loose and bleeding temporarily. That's a bit of a relief since my professors are very excited about the laptop and my ability to email assignments and quiz answers--and so am I.

Meg's albumen level is low. The vet at Purdue said that her T4 level could be normal in spite of thyroid dysfunction. So she's having a resting cortisol test and depending on the results of this she'll either have a cortisol stimulation test or other testing to check for thyroid dysfunction or Addison's. The treatment for her Addison's presentation (assuming this is the result of the testing) would run around $80/month. This is rather pricy at my income level. If she has thyroid dysfunction, the treatment would run about $48 for a three-month supply of meds. I talked with an instructor from the school and asked whether I should do a couple of months of treatment to see how her work is affected, and he said they would want to see the test results and let their vet look over it and talk about it with me. This makes a lot of sense to me. I had a follow-up visit very recently, and I sort of anticipate that another may be forthcoming before we make any life-changing decisions for me. The instructor who was out thought that she was working well--and she was on that particular day. It was a fairly nice day out, and she was only mildly pokey. Most dogs do speed up quite a bit and perk up when the instructors come out.

I don't really anticipate knowing anything definitive on the medical tests for at least two or three weeks. At least we don't have to go to Purdue. We just have to go in to the vet on Saturdays and they have to send off the blood samples. In the meantime, we'll keep the work low-key: walk on reasonably cool/breezy days, try to keep the emotional interest up to offset the fatigue level, etc. She's doing very well considering the circumstances. I'm amazed at the various responses people have at seeing her work/behavior: about half think she's not very alert, just training, or very old; and the other half think she's extremely docile and well-behaved. Maybe it just depends on people's perspective. That makes evaluating her state very hard.

Culver's is a yummy burger place! Everyone should know that!

I am reading hundreds and hundreds of pages... Crunch time is definitely here... I think I can, I think I can... And I can do all this other stuff that life demands as well... There is a ice cream bash this evening... I should go and buy a pint of ice cream at the convenience store... The invitation says everyone bring your favorite quart, but I've never seen ice cream come in quarts.


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