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Quick Meg update

I talked to the vet this morning... Well, the vet who has been handling her current issues is out on Wednesdays, so I pushed the issue and talked with another vet who reviewed the chart and explained things to me so that I could deal with what needs dealing with today. They need a stool sample, which I knew and am delivering this morning. They also need more blood... I would not have known this and would have had to go back another time. That would have aggravated me! They're still running thyroid panels, but Addison's has been ruled out.

He wants to try her on Rimadyl for a few weeks to see how she responds in the event that she has arthritis. I think it's worth doing. He says she'll respond within that time, but it could be mild or significant. We'll just have to see... It's somewhat within my budget to do this, so we'll just have to see how it goes and how significant the response is. I don't like the arthritis possibility, but it's possible that he's on to something. (See last night's entry.) If she responds very well, then I think the Rimadyl is worth doing. Living with mild arthritis myself, I can say that NSAIDs make a significant difference in my life and pain can seriously sap my energy, even if it's only on a 3 or 4 level.

I still think that Inca is being emotionally affected by Meg's predicament as well as by my reactions to school.

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