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what I mean when I say "busy" in my mood

Let's see... This week's reading schedule...

  • Pastoral theology (Monday 9:00 A.M.): 70 pages and exercises

  • Church history (Tuesday 8:00 A.M.): 32 pages

  • Educational ministry (Tuesday 2:00 P.M.): 45 pages and an exercise

  • Constructive theology (Thursday 9:00 A.M.): 250 pages, quiz

I need to work on my big history paper at some point--I don't want to be doing it at the last minute. There are also many other things I'm trying to juggle:

  • Basic housekeeping

  • Routes with Alexis

  • Take advantage of seminary chaplain availability/mentorship opportunities

  • Getting a small group going at church

  • Launching transportation ministry at church

  • Extra 300 pages required for educational ministry

  • Doctor appointments

  • Eat reasonably healthy

  • Time for journaling

  • Occasional CEU credit because it's a cheaper way to get some of the courses independently that I would like to take as electives and I can do them at my pace

  • A bit of songwriting here and there because it matters to me

  • Keep up with friends

  • Get enough sleep

Welcome to my life. This is roughly prioritized. I have left out things I enjoy, like singing in the church choir. I don't see how I can do it right now. I told someone the other day that I don't remember what sleep is and I have gotten very familiar with chocolate and coffee. She emailed me back and said, "Hey, sign me up!" However, when you almost fall off a bench while waiting for your taxi because you are too tired to sit there for 20 minutes and the coffee didn't do the trick, it is time to call a time-out. I'm trying to stick to my 24-oz/day limit because what I don't need is to be living on coffee; and I do need to watch the chocolate if I want to keep off the weight I worked so hard for three years to lose. So I need a new survival strategy. I have a long four years ahead. M.Div. is a 90-hour program as opposed to the average master's program, which is about 48 hours. When I talked with professors about graduate school in the past, I was told that nine hours was considered a full load. Here, twelve is a full load; and some people take fifteen and call it "suicide." I understand why they do it. There is a financial advantage. The tuition caps out at twelve. So getting that extra three hours in, if possible, can knock off an entire semester if done enough times.

I have read about 130 pages in the past 24 hours. That is insane!


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