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update on my nose and school

I called the nose doctor. My internist doesn't want to prescribe meds related to my nose since another doctor is treating me post-surgery. I understand the issue, but it puts me in a dilemma because she is much more proactive with early signs of infection. If I wasn't in school, it wouldn't matter, but I am in school and getting to the doctor is a problem. He only sees people on Tuesdays (all day) and Thursday mornings. This conflicts directly with my class schedule. I can at least get to the internist...

The nose doc's nurse is conferring with him and calling me back. We'll see what comes of it. I am alert, and I slept all right last night. I am still blowing up a storm and I have some coughing/drainage. I feel like I'm hanging by a thread.

My participation quotient in church history class this morning was decent, but following some aspects of the discussion was difficult. Much tangential discussion took place, and I don't know how to take notes or hold on to key concepts for the final exam. I should probably read a good church history book. (When will I have time for that, I ask?)

I am skipping chapel and seminary lunch in order to reflect and read. We'll see how much I get done... Stuff to do:

  • Today

    • Foster chapter 3

    • Knight chapter 3-4 (catch up from last week

    • Journal reflections on discussion with Alexis about teaching and encouraging student participation

    • Class at 2:00

    • Possible walk with Alexis tonight

    • Journal reflections on forgiveness

    • 40 or so pages of theology

  • Tomorrow

    • Write a small paper in the morning

    • Appointment at 11:15

    • Housework

    • Appointment with Alexis and pastor at 3:30

    • Begin work on transportation ministry

    • Church in the evening

  • Thursday

    • Class in the morning

    • Read chapter for theology

    • Appointment at 3:00

    • Work on history mini-paper (due on Tuesday)

  • Friday

    • Read for Monday and Tuesday classes

    • Start work on big history paper

If this works, maybe I will get to rest over the weekend a bit. Rest means a bit of housework and lounge in bed with the journal and whatever books I feel like reading.

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