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sick and the braille display and my ears

No cuts today... Sorry... I'm too sick and tired to cut.

The braille display has paid for itself... I always knew that (a) I am not an auditory learner; and (b) my hearing is rather compromised. I now know the extent of these two things...

There are about 20 of the 40 pages I read out of one of my theology books the other day that I nave absolutely no memory of reading. Zippo. As in, it's completely new content. The rest is vaguely familiar, but I really needed a refresher. I am just now getting to the end of it, and there are about 50 or so to go in this book... I am not even going to try to look at the other book. I'm afraid to...

I now know whose usernames on my friendslist I could never have even attempted to spell because I completely misunderstood the speech synthesizer. I know that jyyne goes to SFU and not SBU and gets her books from CSD and not CSB. I know many many other things as well. It's natural that a blind person will misspell some things that the speech synth pronounces incorrectly; but the above mentioned mistakes are very characteristic of my hearing loss and are the reasons why I cannot hear conversations properly, especially in noisy environments.

I am now taking Zertec D twice a day. Whatever... I wonder how long it takes to kick in. My nose is only a little less painful. Now I'm not blowing, but that's almost a worse problem than blowing too much. I'd like to just blow once and for all, thank you very much! On top of it, my throat hurts mildly, I have had chills off and on all day, and I am losing my voice. Did I mention that I still have 50 pages to read? I do care about the quiz tomorrow... I need to keep up--there are no make-ups in grad school. There are a limited number of professors at this school, and I don't need to build a habit of putting things off at the outset, even for good reasons like sleeping off a nose infection. But I'm TIRED!

So no more LJ for a while...


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