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med and school update

My new nose spray knocks me out! I slept like a rock last night--except for being awakened by a thunderstorm at 4:30. I'm feeling better this morning, but I think I need to institute the one dose a day rule for a few days and give my body time to adjust to this before going up to the full dosage. I don't want a repeat of the messed-up homework incidents of a couple of weeks ago, especially since I'm sick on top of needing nose meds.

I've come up with a wonderful idea! Today and tomorrow, I'm going to finish all of my reading for next week. Thursday afternoon, I'll write my papers for my Monday class. Then I'll take the whole weekend to do whatever I feel like doing! Maybe it will be some additional study, and maybe it will be just "me stuff." The point is that it will be my weekend to do what I want with.

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