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ready for bed

Now this is more like the normal me... I got some books scanned, ate more stew, fed Meg and Inca, put away the hanging clothes out of the laundry bags, read my stuff for tomorrow, and dumped the spam out of the inbox. Inca is asleep on the foot of my bed, where I hope she stays for the next three hours. Sierra is asleep by my pillow, where I hope she stays for the next three hours. Sable is asleep somewhere, where I hope she stays for the next three hours. Meg is asleep beside my bed, where I hope she stays for the next three hours... Does anyone get the idea that I want three hours of glorious, deep-breathing, non-coughing, non-sneezing, uninterrupted sleep before my long day of class tomorrow? Maybe I'll re-set the alarm and make it four just because I theoretically could... I think I will. So scrap all those three hours statements and make them four. (Yes, I have been having difficulty sleeping at night--in part due to one, two, three, or four of these above-mentioned creatures whom I love equally).

Tomorrow I am eating yogurt and one doughnut for breakfast: my last doughnut for a long time. I am eating seminary lunch because it's on the diet. I am eating cupcakes in the afternoon: my last cupcakes for a very very long time. And there is plenty of salad for dinner that does need to be eaten. I'm going to give this a try. Six months. The only exceptions are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and one eat-out to celebrate finishing the semester (nine weeks away). Six months (approximately) from now should be the end of spring semester. That should be ample time to evaluate whether this changes me.


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