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Meg and my kitties, particularly Inca

This is a long-overdue entry about my cats--and mostly about Inca. I always say that my cats are not my kids and my dog is not my best friend; but they are definitely not "just animals" to me. They change my life, and I do get up with them at night as opposed to just throwing them out of my bedroom. In the end, it makes life a lot better for all of us--and much more rewarding for me.

First, about Meg... She had a rough week at school last week: lots and lots of relief times and general unwillingness to work. It all spells bladder infection to me. Of course, that means ANOTHER trip to the vet. (Maybe we should just live there.)

We went in on Saturday. There are three vets in the clinic; and I'm quite familiar with all of them now between Meg and Inca. The one who owns the clinic came in and said (nice and jolly), "Meghan: if it's not one thing it's another!)

We came home with antibiotics--and the vet went home with a nice chunk of my bank account. Fortunately, it's "not a roaring infection." I caught it early. Let's hope this is the end of Meg's fraternizing with the vets for a while. If I want to get to know them personally, I'll just find out where they hang out. Ok, Meg?

Inca... A couple of months ago SHE went to the vet for something as easy as constipation. However, it made her pretty sick; and she had stopped eating very much. On top of this, every fall she goes into what seems to be a depressive episode. I talked with one of the vets about this last year sometime, and he felt that I had a good reason to think that she was perhaps experiencing some cat version of post-traumatic stress disorder due to the hurricanes and all the changes in our lives. So every fall, I go easy on her and feed her kibble with warm water for a few weeks as a wind-down routine at the end of the day.

Well, this year, she stopped being interested in this. So, to get her to eat, I bought Friskies pouch food. And that was the beginning of all the trouble--because on top of all of this, I was also starting school, and I was gone quite a bit on some days. So Inca has begun eating and begging for more ... all night long. She begins jumping on my desk about an hour and a half after the pouch is gone; and that continues unless I crate her. I hate crating my kitty!

I've determined that this pouch food addiction must end. Inca is now eating her regular food again during the day--and quite a bit of it, I might add. So I will not be spending gobs of money on Friskies pouches in the future, especially when it results in nightly crate battles. Something else is going on with my kitty.

Generally, Inca hangs out in the front of the house, and I make trips out there to pet her several times a day. She likes it when I'm out there singing, playing with C, etc. Well, in case it isn't too obvious, I haven't done a lot of singing lately; and C hasn't been here in quite a while. I've been back here at my desk or gone to campus most of the time. I think my kitty is feeling emotional.

Last night, I brought all the cats and Meg in here around 9:30, put cat food out in the feeder and in the open crate, and spent some time petting Inca on the bed. She went right to sleep and stayed there until about 1:30. At that point, I opened the door and thought I'd see what she did. If necessary, I'd play the crate game as usual. I did not feed the pouch.

She came back to eat several times. But she only jumped on my desk once.

I put them all in here with me again this morning after getting back from my appointment. I've been very hesitant to do this because I don't want to keep them shut up all the time. But I wonder if maybe sometimes they need security with me instead of wandering the house hoping I'll get around to them. I especially wonder this about Inca, but I'm seeing some signs in Sierra, too. I think that maybe I need to listen to them--for their sake and mine. They need their room to run around; but they've really become home-based cats over the years, and they do tolerate shared space well for certain purposes as long as they feel safe. The tension in the environment while they were in here went way down, and I think that's good for everyone involved. It might even play a part in my health... It's worth a try.


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