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how I'm doing and thoughts on public speaking

I am coughing--again. I came home and went to bed--without eating dinner. I've been dizzy for several days, and I can't take Antivert with one of the meds I'm now on. I've forgotten which one, and I don't suppose it matters at this point. I have to take the dizziness as it comes, and this is scary for me. I was glad that when I arrived home this evening the migraine had reached an early pain stage and I could take Imitrex and sleep it off. The only problem with this is what it does to my sleep schedule. I can stay awake and read--I need to catch up on tomorrow's material anyway--but tomorrow is a long day. I'm glad there is no quiz in Dr. Stafford's class this week. I think I need some down time at some point. I'm not entirely sure when I will get it; and I hope the coughing is only a sign of asthma and not another infection. I have too many things to do right now to take more time off to be sick. For one thing, I just plain want some time for reflecting and perhaps doing a little singing--and I can't sing when I'm sick!

I was part of the team giving the devotional message in class today. I had an interesting reaction to the experience. I realized that I experience a high amount of anxiety in speaking situations when I can't connect in some way with my listeners, and this affects the way that I speak. When I give certain types of presentations, I tend to solicit a lot of interaction from the audience; and this helps me to stay connected with them and remain confident that I am reaching them. I can think of a number of examples. When I spoke recently at a Lions Club meeting about dog guides, I told a number of amusing stories throughout my speech, and the group laughed. I realized that using humor helped me to keep track of their attention span and stay comfortable with them as people. When I spoke as part of a panel at a conference in El Paso on post-high school options for students with visual impairments, I inserted a question into part of my presentation: "Are any of you mothers?" A couple of people responded audibly, which gave me an idea that there was at least one mom on each side of the room. I could then talk to the moms as I was answering the facilitator's questions.

This all tells me that I need interaction. More specifically, it tells me that I need to solicit it. I wish I had a better way to feel out an entire group in a ministry situation. I wish there was an email list for blind ministers! I would start one; but I'm not sure how many people would join it. It seems that the blind-spirit list could just as easily be used for a purpose like this; but the list seems to be fairly dead.

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