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stinking footnotes (as opposed to stinking feet notes)

Update on my meltdown regarding footnotes... I had a look at my paper. As I suspected, I was a bit careless in my editing. The "problem" is that I have periods where there should be commas, and I occasionally skipped lines between notes. Note taken. I think it should be easy to remedy.

There is a little document on AU's web site with examples of Turabian style. It actually spells out everything point by point (e.g. there is a comma after this, there is a space after this, there is a period after this...) I thought it was rather amusing at first; but in hindsight, it's probably just what I need. My head started to swim as I was going through the book, trying to transfer from the book examples to my paper. I seem to do much better with the step-by-step instructions, silly as it may seem.

Look out, history paper! Here I come!!!


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