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nose update

Yippee! The worst migraine in history is gone! Now I can work like mad! But first, another update...

I saw the nose doc on Wednesday. He is now done with me "unless I have problems." I'm not entirely sure what that means. I always have problems of some sort, meaning I often have infections. So I am interpreting this to mean that if I have major problems like suspected reoccurring polyps then I would go back. I made an appointment with my internist for this coming Thursday to discuss management strategies like how long do I wait with XYZ symptoms before coming in and when do we go for antibiotics, etc.

I can't remember if I posted here about reading the article about turbinate dysfunction... I'm too lazy to go look it up again; but the gist is that there can be a number of causes. Three jumped out at me: allergies, non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drug intolerance, and progesterone therapy. I have been asking myself what is different now from two years ago, when I was reasonably healthy. I've suffered off and on with these infections for much of my life; but at that point I had achieved a good level of health and had remained free of infection for almost three years. Well, the answer is that 18 months ago I started taking a compounded medication called C medroxyprogesterone. It is in the form of an eye drop and is used to prevent rejection of my artificial cornea. Apparently it promotes implantation of the cornea in the same way that it promotes implantation of the egg--or at least that's my guess since that is its function in promoting pregnancy. It has altered my menstrual cycle: I hardly have one. I discovered at some point that if I was dilligent about blocking my tear ducts, the effect on my cycle was less. But I don't care that much about this particular effect; so I have not been dilligent.

I started taking Naprosyn (an NSAID) in April. The nose doc says he doesn't think it's the culprit. He also doesn't think my MPG dosage is very high. The pharmacist disagrees. So I am now blocking the tear duct--and I am breathing better. It seems to me that I have some verifiable results.

I feel like I have been having a little war with the infection my mom had last week. I don't think I caught it fully. I hope I don't. Having been on a Z-pack recently probably boosted my immune system. I am thinking very seriously of investing in a new diffuser and going back to my essential oils routine since that seems to be what boosted me so much in the past.

I have a ton of homework and a ton of cleaning to do. I need a magic energy boost. I'm sort of stalling because I also badly need some journal time.


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