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My cold is getting better--I could actually smell food cooking today, and my ears are starting to pop!

There is something significant to report in eye news today as well. I went to my parents' house for dinner and arrived late, so my plate was in the microwave. Mom had told me that we were having steak, but I had no idea what she had made to go with it. I took my plate out of the microwave and had a good look--and saw a big blob of light-colored something which I suspected looked like what I remember mashed potatoes looking like. I poked the area with my fork and didn't find anything so assumed I was wrong. Well, I was wrong--wrong about being wrong. My eye-hand coordination is not very good. Often I point to the right of what I am looking at. So what do you think I found just to the left of where I stuck my fork? A nice big hunk of mashed potatoes!


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