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update on Meghan

A quick update on Meg before I go to bed for real... Amazing how much energy I have when I can breathe...

I took Meghan to the vet on Friday regarding her periodic vomiting. He had several things to say.

Her arthritis med can cause intestinal ulcers on top of whatever else is going on; so she will be starting Pepsid AC and hopefully someone will tell me
if they ever see blood when she is sick.

She has been eating Pro Plan's formula for sensitive skin and stomachs since last December at the school's recommendation. She had chronic ear infections, and one of the instructors thought this might clear up the infections. It has. However, the food is salmon-based, and the vet thinks that a fish allergy may be causing the problem since she started having these episodes a few months after starting the new food. We will change food at the next purchase, probably back to Purina 1 lamb and rice. He is recommending Science Diet or Iams; but I'm hesitant to introduce a new brand at this point. It's just more unknowns, and if new problems crop up, then we have to figure those out as well. I'd rather deal with the return of the ear infections, which is a known problem that we can correct later if the vomiting stops. I'm supposed to chart her episodes for twelve weeks in relation to the time of her feeding and med dosing.

If she is still having episodes after 12 weeks, he will do a biopsy to see whether she has irritable bowel disease or lymphoma. Either of these situations
would signal retirement in my mind, although hopefully she could be treated and live a good pet dog life. (I haven't talked about that with the school; but to me these seem like serious problems.) Obviously, I hope the problem is the fish allergy. With any luck, perhaps the carpet behind the blue chair can be saved!

Now good night.


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Nov. 14th, 2006 05:31 am (UTC)
Hi about food
just wanna say i definately wouldnt been her on science diet, i use to have rocky on that cause they had him on that at the school but found out it has lots of yucky chemicals in it I would suggest trying food made from humabn grade ingredience like wellness solid gold, or something thats made with more organic stuff keep us posted on what you find out, do you add some water with her food? this helps with digestion and when i got olsen who is my second dog, they told us to start doing that
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