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spam jam

Well, one more thing...

Why don't spammers' computers ever get fatal viruses?
*WHY* is it that when I do things to lessen the spam, the spammers just keep piling it on??? If I didn't have a good reason to keep it, I would throw my entire domain out and get a new one! Most of this stupid spam is about stocks. I don't stinking care about your stupid stocks! Last week the subject lines were things like "Hi sjblake [or other account name]. Or "It's [misc name]"--and the names came by the hundreds! Now they're coming in without the "it's" and the body is different. The ones with the "it's" all said "Our Hottest pick this year!" These just have stupid price info. It's like some stupid computer program generates this stuff or something. I! DON'T! WANT! ANY! MORE!!!!!!!! I probably could've gotten the blasted paper written by now if I hadn't been deleting all that stuff! Well, maybe not, but you get the idea. Leave me alone unless you're going to sell me some miraculous nose spray that I won't have an allergic reaction to! Now *THAT* I might open up--if you put "better than Astelin!" in the subject line. But since your idiotic program isn't smart enough to figure out my posts and target your spam based on what I really want, I am safe in saying that...</p>

I'll open your stinking spam the day that water boils at absolute zero!

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