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update on the kitty and transcription of phone post about what I had in my bag

I've been awake very late, doing some writing. I'm now going to bed, but I wanted to post a quick update first.

For the benefit of the non-phone-post-enabled, a piece of news...

I'll make you click it just because I am mean and want you to go on a treasure hunt. In my bag this morning when I did my phone post, I had a wonderful little trophy. I had to hold off my shrieking with great joy all day long, and I burst into the house with leaping and shouting that could probably wake the dead in the next county. This is definitely going in the keepsake stash. The trophy is my big history paper. The grade is a B+ which is rather good for this class. The prof very rarely gives an A on a paper; and considering the circumstances I was facing while working on this paper, I think that a B+ is exceptional.

Inca gave me only her friendly, happy meows this evening. I think the pumpkin did the trick. My happy, purry kitty is back!

Meg goes to the vet for another blood draw in the morning. Then I turn into a cleaning and baking maniac...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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