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Bam! Stopping the spam jam, putting spam behind the dam, Yes ma'am!

One last thing before bed...

I'm trying a new spam solution. It's a plugin for Outlook Express called SpamBrave Lite. (There is another version for commercial use that coses $34.95.) You have to train it a bit, but if your existing spam solution is crummy it may be worthwhile. I've spent part of the last couple of hours installing it and training it with about 30 spam that were sitting in my inbox and several folders of non-spam. This is still an extremely primitive trial--it's supposed to "learn" as time goes and you feed it additional spam that it hasn't caught. However, I'll post early Thursday morning and provide the count of successfully nabbed spam vs. un-nabbed spam, nabbed "unsures," and nabbed "oopsies" (aka those aren't spam they are mine). Perhaps this will improve my time management in the spring. I can hope... So far it's already picking up a bunch that I was having to delete manually. I'm guardedly impressed.

Download it here, and make sure you get SpamBrave Lite for your home computers.


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