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prayer request for friends

My former roommates in Florida had decided to sell their home and move due to a number of issues, especially stress associated with living in hurricane-prone areas as single people with disabilities. Everything seemed settled, and they had packed and signed a lease on an apartment, paid the deposit on the movers, etc. The realtor feels that the most realistic option at this point is to locate an investor: one of those people who who buys houses, fixes them up, and resells them. The realtor also sent out 500 emails about their house trying to get word out for them.

I'm pasting in with permission something one of them wrote. Please keep them in your prayers.

hurricaneamy wrote:

Oh my gosh this can't be happening. Our buyer's financing fell through. The company did something that would have required him to pay $30000 or more up front. He does not have that kind of money. The closing coordinator called several different companies and no one was willing to touch it. Our coordinator, P, is one of the most hopeful people, and even she was grim about it. Christy is freaking, and I'm just shocked. Scared and controlled because I have to be. I'm going to leave in about 25 minutes. Christy's on the phone with someone she worked on at the injury clinic. I think she has some kind of business thing she does and she may or may not be able to help. I'm so guarded right now I cannot feel almost. I'm so not wanting this junk to sweep me under. I have my ear problems, which are huge, emotionally, and now this. We won't be moving on the 19th unless some miracle happens. We'll have to go back to showing the house. Our beds are gone, my desk, and hers is about to be. Some 40 boxes are packed... I'm just feeling despair of what the heck are we going to do? The buyer was crying on the phone, and it's just not good. He really wanted this house. God, what are you doing here? What purpose is this in my life, in either of our lives? What is the plan here? I know Your ways are higher than my own, but I am asking, for what it's worth, for You to show me something. If not, then I ask You for that perfect peace I can never explain with words. Outside just now, You said to my spirit, "trust me," so I will trust. Help my unbelief and my fear and doubt. Get us through, God. I am choosing to trust You right now, because on my own I'd be a basketcase. Thank You for not just leaving me high and dry, even if that's how it feels right now.


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