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general update

I discovered that I don't have to work so hard keeping track of how many messages I have to use to train the spam filter. It keeps its own stats. They boil down to an accuracy of 71.39 percent this morning. Not bad for day 2. And I've only been at the email for about 20 minutes. Much time reduction has been achieved, meaning more time available for other things!

A few notes on the previous day's thoughts and happenings...

It occurs to me that while my polyps created a bad situation for infections, they likely reduced allergen exposure in some ways because I could not breathe properly. I wonder if I am now getting assailed with allergens and thus am experiencing more significant reactions than I am accustomed to experiencing in the past. I think it may be worth thinking about.

I'm going to look into a referal for allergy testing--I haven't had it done in over ten years. That will tell me the current state of the severity of my reactions and allow me to plan for exposures and avoidance where possible. If necessary, I am also willing to consider allergy shots if they will result in improvement of the nose situation. I don't know how this would work out with transportation and, later, if I am doing any traveling; but I need to at least think about it and see if it's an option.

Today much food will be consumed downstairs. I'm feeling disquieted in some significant places about the holiday season. I need to write at length; but I also need to beat the clock and bakc lemon bars.

I'm extremely happy about the spam success! There are really no words to describe it. I have spent so much time sorting this stuff manually that I have not been active on some of my groups, haven't been writing much, and haven't had much time for other things in my life either. It was a real time waster that I did not know how to solve without throwing out a lot of good in my life. My goal for the rest of this semester and next is to balance school with other things: some extracurricular ministry activities, returning to choir, work on my CD, and a return to my enjoyment of soap and lotion-making. I also am getting to it on the "fall cleaning" this weekend--it's time to get this house back in order and see about keeping up a bit better in that department. I think it may be doable..

The clock calls...


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