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memories prompted by the visited states map

I need a mini study break.</p>

It's amazing how quickly I can think through my memories...

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Alabama: where Mom tried to help me up an icy ramp near a store during the winter of 1983 and she fell and I did not. The moral: I now tell people to just leave me and let me go if they're afraid I'm going to fall on steps, ice, etc. (Usually they are overly afraid and I am fine.)

Arkansas: Many drives through and stops off on the way from Texas to Indiana over my childhood years. I remember Dad always saying, "Awrkansaws," as we crossed the border. I always thought it would be fun to visit Hot Springs.

California: Read the story here. I hope I get to go back someday.

Colorado: several trips because my mom's sister lived there during my childhood.

Florida: I lived there (hurricanes, remember...)

Georgia: falling down stairs face first, 1999, decided to get second dog guide.

Indiana: my three-year-old niece asking every five minutes, "Are we in Indiana?" on the drive from TX to IN, 1998; smelling skunks' scent on the drive, my sister burying her face and yelling, "Eeewww, stinkness!" (1989)

Iowa: I wish we had skywalks like they do in Des Moines so I could walk to campus out of the wind!

Kansas: Dad lifting me up so I could touch the top of a real big sunflower (1981)

Louisiana: spending the night in the bus station in Baton Rouge because the buses weren't running over the icy roads, homeless lady throwing a blanket over her head, talking to herself, sleeping on the bus to try to keep warm (1997)

Michigan: Dr. T., opening my eyes for the first time (12/1998)

Minnesota: Gramps' sisters; sound of the train roaring past, tracks across the street from the house (1987)

Missouri: thunderstorms and funnel clouds, sister burying her head as we drove through (many years)

Nebraska: fun with cousins (1987)

New Jersey: dogs dogs dogs! (1991, 1999, 2001)

New York: lots of fun adventures, learned what my dog could really do, real independence (1994)

North Carolina: "riding in a golf cart" to the tune of "The Hallelujah Chorus" and I cannot ride over mountains without taking Antivert (2006)

Ohio: trips to visit my uncle during first year of undergrad (1990)

Oklahoma: chocolate pie at Grandma's house, weird storms in the summer (1982-1983)

Tennessee: only time I ever saw a star, very friendly people (1999, 2006)

Texas: too many memories to tell, most of my childhood and young adult life (1976-1998)

Wisconsin: visiting the Laura Ingalls museum (1987)


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