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after-dinner vent

A quick vent, and no offense intended to anyone reading who may happen to be a smoker...

I went to eat at Red Lobster with my parents and my sister's family for my sister's birthday this evening. We had a long wait, and Dad and I waited in the car for most of the time. I'm glad--when we went in I discovered that we had to go past the smoking section to get to our seats.

I don't care if people want to smoke--it's really their business. But I don't want to breathe it or be anywhere near it. I was told by my eye doctor last spring that secondhand smoke can actually damage my cornea implant. I am not a smoker so ignored the "Do not smoke," instructions on my discharge sheet. It later occurred to me to ask if secondhand smoke was a problem since occasionally I am around it. "It'll stain it," he said. I have no idea how serious that problem is or how prolonged my exposure would need to be. But those words make me not want anything to do with smoke--and the way restaurants seem to be arranged sometimes, they may as well have the smokers on display for us. Not smoking is not just a preference for some people. It's about being able to breathe, period. I can remember people going outside buildings to smoke when I was in college... They would line up right outside the doors and face each other to talk... I would have to walk between them to get in or out, stand among them to wait for a ride, etc. When this went on when I was a contractor, there was nothing I could do about requesting any accommodations--I wasn't an employee so got no accommodations based on respiratory illness. But if I said anything to people who were smoking, I was just being a snob or infringing on their right to smoke.

I didn't complain about this while we were out. It would have just made the evening unpleasant. But I can complain here... It's my journal and I'll cry if I want to...


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