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missing school

I feel very silly writing this, but...

I miss school. I don't miss feeling stressed about deadlines, but I actually do miss having things to work on and reasons to go out. I feel shut up in the house. I never allowed myself to become aware of it before. It was easier to stay in than to go out with no purpose, and I disliked it when people tried to break the monotony by coming up with things for me to do (go shopping, go for a walk, etc.) None of these things were things I particularly enjoyed doing for the sake of doing them. They were all things that other people enjoyed and thought that I could somehow learn to enjoy. But I understand now what my "problem" was.

I ENJOY school, and being out doing ministry. I need a small break, and enough time to devote to some things around the house. But four weeks in the house feels like a very long time. I wish there was a way to balance this out a bit.


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