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new CD: Ana Laura

I bought a new CD with my Christmas money, and I think it's fabulous! If you need new music and you might be in the mood for something "faith-building" or just something new, try it out.

I have very eclectic tastes musically but am extremely picky about what I buy much of the time in the arena of CCM. I am a songwriter and a seminary student, and I owe much of my faith development to contemporary Christian music. As a result, I tend to hold CCM to fairly high standards. I was not at all disappointed with this purchase!</font></div>

This is the most theologically sound, bold, passionate testimony I have heard in many years.

Ana's combination of varied musical styles representing her South Texas and Mexican-American heritage and her study of classical music bring a rich expressiveness to her music that allows her to back up her words with an amazingly appropriate musical mood and motif. It is clear that she has studied professionally and can handle a gentle, soothing melody such as "Abide in Me" with clear, sweet vocals.

At the same time, she is no stranger to belting out--even wailing--in a powerful song like "Sometimes," crying, "I need a Saviour!" after laying out with brutal honesty the fact that she sometimes falls (accompanied by a long-lasting, disappointed-sounding minor chord) ... but "that's not where I'll stay" (with a rejoicing progression of major chords). The chord structure of this song is absolutely fascinating! As Ana sings that she sometimes makes mistakes, the music deviates from the expected key and chord structure, playing out the shock that acquaintances and onlookers feel when leaders fall. As she sings, "I will fall ..." and moves on to sing about falling into grace, the music returns to the original key, representing the stability of Christ's presence and redemption.

"No more" expresses the depth of her commitment and the kind of realization that brings about a transformed life in Christ, and the upbeat tempo is representative of the joy that accompanies such a transformational experience. The fact that she participated in the writing process is significant for this particular song for me.

"Water..." When does this girl breathe??? It sounds like she desperately NEEDS a drink of water by the end of the song! What a stunning expression--musically, vocally, and lyrically--of dependence on Christ's "living water!"

I could write for hours about this project. My next purchase will be her Spanish CDs--for myself and for my Spanish-speaking friends! I hope that she has a very very long career and a very blessed ministry--and I hope she comes to Indiana. I'll be in the front row!

Buy her CD from You can hear clips on the product page.


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