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misc musings, mostly on scanning

I mis-posted a voice post earlier... It's a funny story and is now fixed, so please go listen if you need a laugh.

I have eaten healthy today minus one handful of Whoppers. Not too bad.

I am on my way to having a bunch of books scanned: almost done with book #2 and am just gonna keep going... So far I've done about 1,200 pages. My hands are extremely sore; but such is my life. If I can keep this up faithfully through Saturday or so, I should be in great shape for the semester minus whatever research papers I need materials for. I have time to do that stuff...

This poor scanner! I should have kept a log of how many pages it scanned for me last semester..--probably close to 10,000! I'm keeping track this time. How many pages can the OpticBook reasonably expect to scan before it conks out? I had my Reading Edge scanning for some 12 years, and it was serviced only once in the early years. I have no idea how many thousands of pages I logged on that machine--maybe millions! I certainly know what books and articles I've scanned over the years; but that doesn't count the times I started again due to lost saves, all the mail I read, things I didn't save, etc.

Just pondering as the scanner scans...


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