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how I keep up with the scanning mound

How do I do it...?

Some people have been asking how I manage to do all my scanning, schoolwork, etc, as well as manage other things. I thought I would post some time management strategies I developed last semester. They are being refined as we speak...

I try to scan in two-page mode when possible--it doubles the speed. However, often accuracy is more important than speed. I must be able to read effectively. I'm actually rather obsessive about scanning accuracy, so I often end up scanning in single-page mode. I can do about two hundred pages an hour this way. Depending on the size of the book, and the stiffness of the binding, I may be able to let the scanner lid hold it in place while it does the scan. This helps because I can type several words in this time. (I typed that entire sentence during one page scan.) I've also learned to type one-handed at times when I must hold the book in place.

I save the batches as the book title name without recognizing, then go on to another book. Then if I get up to go do something else, I load a book and start recognizing, come back in a bit and save the results, go off and do something while that's happening, come back and repeat the process, etc. I often don't sleep straight through the night (wake up for nature, etc.) so can even run these recognitions at night, especially on very long theology books. A 900-page book can take five hours to recognize.

Basically, I run a scanning factory in order to keep up with school.


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