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end of day check in

A quick update at the end of the day...

I've done a lot of email writing and a bit of writing on communities here today. Didn't get to the entry I wanted to do. I need to eat a lot more nutritiously, and I think I need Motrin or something... Dad took me to Starbucks, which I thought was really sweet. We had a very enjoyable conversation! I told him about my interactions on some email groups, and he listened and then we talked about the topics from the postings. I'd like to be able to do that with other people I know--that's my idea of fun!

I also did a small bit of house work: vacuumed everything but the back bedroom, changed the cat box, and picked up a few things. I'd like to have done a bit more, but I won't criticize myself over this. I hadn't planned to do anything but lounge today, so I'm encouraged that I did this.

I'd still like to develop a better routine...


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