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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Would anyone like to trade lives today???

I took the dog out at 11:30 last night--no big deal. I was VERY tired... She had an accident in the house on Friday (something that hasn't happened in years), and I just didn't want a repeat of that event in the middle of the night... So I made good and sure to spend a LONG time with her out there last night just before going to bed.

No, there was not a repeat of the event.


At 4:30 this morning, I awoke to the sound of toenails on the kitchen floor, slowing at the back door. That means one thing... Let me tell you: I'm gonna make one great mom someday. I've got this sleeping lightly thing down to a science! I wish Meg would bark or something--Dori had this annoying ear-splitting yip that meant, "Gotta go this instant!" At least Meg gives me a bit of warning--and at least I can confirm what she wants...

I called her back to her place, roused myself, and asked the ultimate question. (I already knew the answer. I just needed to know how serious she was.) "Need to park?" She got up and ambled back to the door. I put on my slippers and prepared to stand at the back door for about 20 minutes while she ran around. No way was I running around in the snow drifts to amuse her darlingness while she got her business done! Fortunately, we have a fence and I can get away with this laziness and shiver/suffer out of the direct line of the wind.

This is not the end...

Back inside, I head back to bed, cuddle up with the cat, surf around some sites because now I'm wide awake... Oh, now I have to park... At least I don't have to wake up for this...

In the bathroom, I hear Meg get up, come in near me... And I hear that sound... *BLEH* It seems someone ate a bit too much snow while having her morning romp...

At least I'm not under my covers...

It's now 7:55 a.m. I haven't made it back to sleep yet. I like early mornings; but not quite that early.

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