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back in business

Oh, yes! The hyper-threading grad student is back in gear! I just thought that sounded like a fun thing to say. For the technologically challenged, hyper-threading technology allows a computer to do a bunch of things at one time. This preceeded dual-core technology. So as a hyper-threading grad student, I'm enabled to do multiple things at once--or at least do them so fast that it seems I have done them at once...

My peak flows are now within acceptable range, and I am feeling "a bit under the weather." I am up and around and accomplishing things. At the end of the day, I will have a nice, pain-med-induced sleep. For now, items on the agenda include:

  • laundry

  • arranging the bedroom for easier access to this and that

  • tear down of old desktop

  • setting up the new scanning computer extraordinaire

  • scanning something

  • purchase of some new storage for a gazillion cassettes

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