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daily update

I am on a roll...

I got my chapter read for tomorrow and took a ton of notes, identified potential quiz questions, and even did a bit of reflecting in the notes. I hope this will lead to much better quiz scores. Haven't done my inhaler in a few hours, and my peak flow is 340. This is a tremendous improvement over last week--I'm mildly ill as opposed to hovering at the emergency room door! I can speak clearly, and at this point my voice is just healing from the impact of massive amounts of coughing. I slept for about 7-1/2 hours last night and then took a three-hour nap this afternoon with the cats. It was heavenly, and Sierra let me know about how much she enjoyed it as well. I ate something besides soup for dinner tonight and actually enjoyed it. I still don't have much interest in coffee--I had some earlier, but I could have taken it or left it.

I'm now scanning the mound of library books for my various research projects and working on a paper that has a Monday deadline. I am attempting to submit a paper for a lecture series on the church and community which will take place in March. The chosen paper will bring a $1,000 honorarium. So from here on out, the paper shall be referred to in this journal as the thousand-dollar paper. Maybe it will actually turn out to be a real thousand-dollar paper. That would be a nice way to celebrate getting well.

Back to work... I just wanted to post a daily progress report. I truly hope to be singing by the end of the week... I need to be singing...

Oh, I am posting a revised study schedule to sjbtheology. I got more work last night. Not that I needed any more work, but stuff happens...


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