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the whiz-bang computer and a little health update


I said the other day that my new desktop computer had paid for itself...

It just keeps doing it. I just scanned a 600-page book in TWO HOURS! The computer recognized it in 20 minutes!

On the old desktop, the 600-page book would have taken six hours to scan and all night to recognize. On the laptop, it would take three hours to scan and half the night to recognize.

What's the difference? The old desktop had a 800 MHZ processor and 256 MB RAM. The laptop has a 1.2 GHZ processor and 2 GB RAM. The new desktop has a 3 GHZ dual-cor processor and 4 GB RAM. And I should note that while I was scanning and recognizing on this thing, I was also doing other things--with no delays.
I have a winner.

And my peak flow before inhaling ten minutes ago was 340. It is still 340. Rescue inhaler is no good at this point, which means that my real problem is not an asthma problem. There is hardly anything left in my chest to cough up except during the occasional flare-ups. Oh, good doctor, you shall have a challenge on Monday: to figure out the source of my breathing problem and solve it successfully.


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