Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

Voice Post: What language is that?

Alexis and I are arguing about languages again... She said goodnight to me in German, and I said goodnight to her in Spanish. This started a little war between us, which ended up on MSN.

Alexis says:
guten Nach!  Schlaft gut.
Sarah and 3 kitties, working says:
Slap my gut?
Alexis says:
Sure.  *slaps your stomach*
Alexis says:
Schlaft gut.
Alexis says:
Schloft goot.
Sarah and 3 kitties, working says:
Alexis says:
Ja, ich liege auf dem Boden und lacht.
Sarah and 3 kitties, working says:
Alexis says:
I said, yes I lay on the floor and laugh.
Alexis says:
Mein Computer braucht schlaft und ich auch.

Earlier this week, I asked how many meds I had left. She said, "Du hast elf." I said, "Oh, I have a little elf to help me with my homework?" But it's not doing its job very well. She says it's Martin Luther's job to help me with my homework; but apparently I must go to Wittenberg and learn to speak German in order to get help with my homework.

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