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review of the long long illness

I just downloaded all of my voice posts since December onto my hard drive for archiving... This made me look at the illness time line.

  • 01/16/07 I have a headache in evening class that isn't touched by Advil and is about a 9 on the scale of 10.

  • 01/17/07 I voice post twice: once before and once after taking Airborne. They don't sound very different; but I felt noticeably different after taking it. I remember that I still ran fevers for a couple of days.

  • 01/19/07 I got new meds--I had been enduring the virus without my antihistamine/decongestant. Amazingly, my nose and voice are clear.

  • 01/24/07 I still have a voice, and I post.

  • 01/25/07 I crash and burn. I go to class with no voice. Apparently until this point, my voice has been coming and going. It is gone until the night of 01/27/07, when I post with a peak flow of 225 before using the inhaler.

  • 01/28/07 I discover that cough suppression is a key to maintaining vocal usage.

  • 01/30/07 My voice is functional for class discussion, though I am still using it minimally.

  • 02/02/07 Still having peak flows of 250 but with a functioning voice.

  • 02/06/07 I sang--rather croakily--with the seminary chorus in chapel. We did "Holy Ground," which normally would not test my range at all. It strained me badly, and I probably should not have been singing yet. I also tried to sing hymns because they were so meaningful and I could not stand to be quiet.

  • 02/08/07 I spoke up in class--and found that I had a full voice.

  • 02/09/07 I sang something completely on key and was able to warm up through my range without cracking. The amazing 450-plus peak flow is nice, too!

I believe the sickness might have an end.

Also, the cold air is no longer painful to my lungs. Thank You, Lord!


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Feb. 10th, 2007 12:08 pm (UTC)
Hey, it's me, Kate who used to go by nachtmusik! I'm sorry you had to go through such a long and horrible illness. I'm sure you remember mine last Summer... or how about the one in January of last year, eek! Hope to see you on the mutually added friends list soon!
Feb. 10th, 2007 12:34 pm (UTC)
illness and friends list
I do remember and btw, it's great to see you back on LJ! [hugs]
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