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review of the long long illness

I just downloaded all of my voice posts since December onto my hard drive for archiving... This made me look at the illness time line.

  • 01/16/07 I have a headache in evening class that isn't touched by Advil and is about a 9 on the scale of 10.

  • 01/17/07 I voice post twice: once before and once after taking Airborne. They don't sound very different; but I felt noticeably different after taking it. I remember that I still ran fevers for a couple of days.

  • 01/19/07 I got new meds--I had been enduring the virus without my antihistamine/decongestant. Amazingly, my nose and voice are clear.

  • 01/24/07 I still have a voice, and I post.

  • 01/25/07 I crash and burn. I go to class with no voice. Apparently until this point, my voice has been coming and going. It is gone until the night of 01/27/07, when I post with a peak flow of 225 before using the inhaler.

  • 01/28/07 I discover that cough suppression is a key to maintaining vocal usage.

  • 01/30/07 My voice is functional for class discussion, though I am still using it minimally.

  • 02/02/07 Still having peak flows of 250 but with a functioning voice.

  • 02/06/07 I sang--rather croakily--with the seminary chorus in chapel. We did "Holy Ground," which normally would not test my range at all. It strained me badly, and I probably should not have been singing yet. I also tried to sing hymns because they were so meaningful and I could not stand to be quiet.

  • 02/08/07 I spoke up in class--and found that I had a full voice.

  • 02/09/07 I sang something completely on key and was able to warm up through my range without cracking. The amazing 450-plus peak flow is nice, too!

I believe the sickness might have an end.

Also, the cold air is no longer painful to my lungs. Thank You, Lord!


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