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I have been plugging away at 200 pages of theology reading for the past two days... One of the books is a very bad scan, which makes the reading very tedious. The other book is just theologically deep. I have to stop and take notes in order to retain the material. This slows me down considerably. I also have about 150 pages to read for class on Monday... I did about half of it on Thursday, and the rest has to be re-scanned. I had to borrow the book from a classmate, and she needs it back tomorrow. The book arrived an hour ago, and I was in the middle of another scan while doing theology homework... I now have to scan it and read chapters, but I desperately need a nap. And tomorrow is the field trip to six worship services... Yes, I signed up for another class with a field trip, and yes, the field trip is longer. Today was not supposed to be like this. I did not anticipate such a bad scan on these books! Reading should not have been a major mountain-mover... I have not touched Tuesday night's reading... I think it will be going in the car with me tomorrow; but I'm not really sure how conducive to studying this ride will be or how alert my brain will be.

Expect a voice post in the morning. If I don't crash and burn this week, I'm having a party.


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