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Taizé music and link

This is very exciting!

As part of the worship service marathon field trip the other day, we attended a Taizé meditation service held at an Episcopal church. I didn't know what to expect; and when Dad started reading to me from the bulletin, I thought that I would not have a very positive experience. I was extremely surprised, and I came home wanting to learn a lot more, find the music, etc.

I learned that Taizé is a spiritual community established in France in 1940, and I did find a CD with the songs/chants on it. I didn't realize that this was what "chant" was.I had a completely different concept. I don't really know how to describe this except beautiful music... I actually prefer the singers from the Indianapolis church; but in their absence I'll take a CD that will teach me the songs... I'll eventually learn them and use them in my own personal worship...

If you like music you can use in meditation/prayer, buy one of these: Songs & Prayers from Taizé

And here is a link to more info about Taizé: the Taizé Community.

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